Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pregnancy appears to have fried my brain! I've written loads of posts in the past month, and yet none of them has actually made its way onto the blog. I've become hypercritical of my writing (not much good when you're trying to finish a book, and hopelessly boring for you regular blog readers). In effect this becomes a bit like writer's block, but obviously isn't. I hope you'll all be a little patient. Time to scrounge around in all that raw material and start posting...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

A most exciting evening, if you don't mind being filmed by the BBC:

Tuesday 8 April 5.40pm – 7.30pm
Bush House, Aldwych, London WC2
FREE admission - via ticket only

BBC Radio 4’s Bookclub programme is looking for readers to meet author

You’ll need to read 2007 ORANGE PRIZE WINNING book
“HALF OF A YELLOW SUN”– and you’ll need to come armed with questions and be willing to speak up in the discussion.

'This magnificent novel is a gripping portrayal of the horrors of war...A major new African voice.'
The Independent

We are recording this programme on Tuesday 8 April 5.40pm – 7.30pm

ADMISSION VIA TICKET ONLY - Apply via our website:
or tel Dymphna on 0207 765 3189 or email:
In Zimbabwe, some good news for a change: the National Arts Merit Award (NAMA) for literature 2008 is awarded to Valerie Tagwira for The Uncertainty of Hope. Weaver Press describes:
‘Through Onai and her best friend Katy, the book examines domestic violence, poverty, homelessness and lack of control that disadvantaged women have over their sexuality, which among other things, makes them more vulnerable to HIV and AIDS. It is also a book about surviving against the odds, and the value of true friendship. Onai and Katy’s interactions with other characters from a different social class reveal the intricacies of modern day Zimbabwe.’
For their full press release click here. Tagwira has her own site here.