Thursday, January 17, 2008

Absolutely shattered today - amazing how much strain the old heart takes when you're pregnant, and a rather enthusiastially high speed tromp en route to a midwife appointment this morning left me crawling under the covers this afternoon for my first daytime nap in weeks. But all is well with the babe (so re-assuring when you hear the little tuckity-tuck of the heartbeat) and so far all is on track. I've been good, and on top of my normal yoga class I've started a special pre-natal one, which is a chance to a) meet other mums-to-be in various stages of pregnancy, and b) a sure-fire way of making time for those pelvic floor exercises - either way, an illuminating experience!

Before I quite succumbed to sleep, I had a good rootle through the latest Mslexia which popped through my letterbox this morning, and consumed a chunk out of my Christmas gift from my lovely husband, who clearly has been paying attention: Jane Brocket of yarnstorm's THE GENTLE ART OF DOMESTICITY - what a dreamy creation.

And of course, the walk back would include a pop-in to Oxfam, where I discovered out of print copies of DESTINATION BIAFRA by Buchi Emecheta and DETAINED: A WRITER'S PRISON DIARY by Ngugi wa Thiong'o (hardback, first edition - hurrah!). Who could resist?!


Anonymous David said...

This post of yours makes me miss Canterbury.

I well remember popping into Oxfam on the way back home(and a plethora of other charity shops), not because I was specifically looking for anything, but because ... what if?

Minipins? for 35p? I think I shall. And this Trevanian for 50p also, though I shall donate it back to you next week.


Such bliss.

11:59 am  
Blogger equiano said...

David, this comment of yours perfectly captures secondhand bookshopping - just how I feel as I meander in and out of the plethora of charity shops in Canterbury. The Hospice shop's 20p a title is hardest to resist...

12:06 am  

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