Sunday, August 26, 2007

Grief is a peculiar thing. It has a tendency to sneak up on you and dig claws in deep when you least expect it. The silence on my part is because it was the anniversary of losing our baby. I was doing fine, and then had an appointment for a scan. It was a surreal experience walking down exactly the same hospital corridor of a year ago. One couldn't help but make comparisons. Last year I felt a mixture of terror and mortification (lots of blood). On the other hand, this year I am fit and well, and my husband and I have just celebrated our tenth anniversary of meeting each other. There are good things hand in hand with the bad.

Anyway, grief is rather like writer's block. You can understand it is there and why you have it, but that doesn't mean you can actually do anything about it. A month of pondering hasn't brought me much closer to understanding any of the great mysteries of life, so here I am back again, blogging away.