Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The shortlisted candidates for the CAINE PRIZE FOR AFRICAN WRITING have been announced (I've linked to actual stories where available):
Uwem Akpan (Nigeria), ‘My Parents Bedroom The New Yorker June 12, 2006
Monica Arac de Nyeko (Uganda), ‘Jambula Tree’ from African Love Stories’ Ayebia Publishing 2006
E.C. Osondu (Nigeria) ‘Jimmy Carter’s Eyes, AGNI Fiction Online 2006
Henrietta Rose-Innes (South Africa) ‘Bad Places’, New Contrast vol 31 no4 Spring 2003
Ada Udechukwu (Nigeria) ‘Night Bus, The Atlantic Monthly, August 2006
The winners of the Caine Prize tend to go on to greatness partly helped along, no doubt, by the extra publicity generated by the prize. I think that one of the biggest difficulties for many African writers is being noticed by publishers willing to take a risk with their work; so this sort of award can only be a good thing. It is nicknamed the "African Booker" and is given for a short story published in the previous year.

Previous winners are:
Mary Watson (2006), South Africa
A former student of Andre Brink, here's a link to the BBCs Caine Prize announcement.
Segun Afolabi (2005), Nigeria
There's a "books on the move" list of titles to read he suggested to The Guardian here.
Brian Chikwava (2004), Zimbabwe
His suggested list of works by "writers who had a score to settle with society"!
Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor (2003), Kenya
With a link to the Guardian's Caine Prize announcement.
Binyavanga Wainaina (2002), Kenya
About whom I raved previously here.
Helon Habila (2001), Nigeria
For a review of his latest book, MEASURING TIME, see here.
Leila Aboulela (2000), Sudan
The first ever winner; for her thoughts on religious identity and nationality, see here.

The Frank O'Connor Award finalists for a short story collection have also been announced.

The pitch of my voice is beginning to sound a little more melodious and a little less of the bullfrog persuasion. It is good to feel better again.



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