Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back in November, Michelle over at Overdue Books issued a "From the Stacks Challenge" which I happily signed up for (which compulsive reader does not have books on their shelves yet to be picked up and read?!). What with all the travels, I've still to blog about all the gems I hoofed my way through as a result, but you can see my first post about the challenge here as a refresher, and a sampler from THE MAKING OF A MARCHIONESS by Frances Hodgson Burnett which I was thoroughly enjoying at the time. So, thanks to Michelle for spurring me on to read this book.

It turns out that we owe more to Elaine over at Random Jottings of a Book and Opera Lover than just thanks for a wonderfully entertaining blog. Persephone Books' Nicola Beauman takes suggestions from the public in terms of what they may publish, and it is Elaine who drew her attention to both THE MAKING OF A MARCHIONESS (divine) and the forthcoming Hodgson Burnett title THE SHUTTLE out in April (can't wait!).

Now it turns out that THE MAKING OF A MARCHIONESS will be broadcast over the next two weekends (oh joy!). Persephone describes it as "a two-part Classic serial starring Miriam Margolyes and Charles Dance on BBC Radio 4 on the Sunday before Easter (April 1st) and on Easter Sunday itself (April 8th) from 3-4 pm". Elaine has discovered a link for listening online for those of you outside the UK (archived for 7 days only, so you'll have to be quick about it)

Here's a taster:
She had not lived in a world where marriage was a thing of romance, and, for that matter, neither had Agatha.It was nice if a girl liked the man who married her, but if he was a well-behaved, agreeable person, of good means, it was natural that she would end by liking him sufficiently, and to be provided for comfortably or luxuriously for life, and not left upon one's own hands, or one's parents', was a thing to be thankful for in any case. (p.42)

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Blogger dovegreyreader said...

Equiano, this will start you on a hunt for plenty more of FHB's adult novels.I'm slightly disappointed that The Shuttle has been abridged but it must be one of the rare examples of a book from this era that includes domestic violence as a theme.Keep an eye out for Anne Thwaite's Waiting for the Party and also Gretchen Gerzina's biog of FHB as you will also want to know much more about her.

6:30 pm  
Blogger emasl said...

Yes, I too am slightly disappointed at the editing of this book but better to have it before the public again than not. It is worth keeping an eye out for an old edition of The Shuttle, there are plenty around and not too expensive. I agree with DGR about the two biogs of FHB she mentions, both worth reading and lots of her adult novels to come. I can recommend Through One Administration, Head of the House of Coombe and its sequel, Robin.

Thankyou for the very kind comments on my blog which are much appreciated. Elaine

9:18 pm  
Anonymous danielle said...

I love Persephone Books! I have heard good things about The Making of a Marchioness--I'm afraid if I go there to order a book, I will lose all self control and end up with several!

3:30 am  
Blogger equiano said...

dovegreyreader, I had no idea THE SHUTTLE had been abridged (I really hate books being abridged) so for once may restrain myself from buying a Persephone title and go off in search of an original. Thanks recommending the Thwaite and Gerzina titles.

Elaine, your blog is lovely so I just had to mention it for those who might not have discovered it yet! Thanks for the FHB title recommends - I shall have to go on the hunt; and to think that until recently all I knew about her were children's titles!

8:16 am  
Blogger equiano said...

Danielle - Persephone does have that effect on one! Not sure where you are in the USA, but they are having an event in New York in mid-April (talk about tempting).

10:00 am  

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