Thursday, February 08, 2007

One of my favourite restaurants in Pretoria is the Blue Crane, which is wonderfully located on the edge of a bird sanctuary (click through on the link to see how spectacularly situated it is!). You dine as the blue cranes - after which the restaurant are named - strut past in stately fashion. A striking variety of bird types flit past during the course of a meal, and as feeding them from the deck of the restaurant is banned, they don't harrass diners. I was rather amused by this sign:
Blue Crane Restaurant cannot be held responsible for the "forces of nature" bearing in mind that you are in the middle of a bird sanctuary/park. Please take this into consideration when one of our four legged friends happens to drown themselves in your beverage or food. We appreciate your consideration.
Although, as my mother pointed out, which four legged friends were they thinking of?!


Anonymous James said...

funny :D

and thanks for the reminder - will have to try and work a visit to the Blue Crane into the April itinerary.

We always make a beeline for Casalinga in Honeydew - highly recommended, especially for a winter dinner near the fire, or a summer lunch on the verandah.

10:25 am  
Anonymous David said...

Clearly they're referring to MPs. Those buggers never pay for their own meals.

9:17 am  
Anonymous Ann said...

Yes, that does sort of offer pause for thought!

I have two friends for whom this restaurant would be hell on earth; they are both terrified of birds. In fact I've been with one of them in an outdoor cafe when she has just got up and left everything to get away from a maruading sparrow.

9:57 am  
Blogger equiano said...

James - never been to Casalinga; will have to sample when next in Johannesburg.

David - LOL. Now, now, not all members of parliament have forgotten their constituencies (why am I defending them, when the latest expenditure scandals are appalling?!)

Ann - the upstairs balcony may be safe enough for them. There's a hide nearby from which patrons can feed the birds, so surprisingly they don't approach diners at the main restaurant much as they know they won't be fed. I confess to a little trepidation of my own, however, every time a crane walks past and could easily take a peck at your arm or leg through the railings if it chose (never seen it happen in all the years I've been visiting though).

10:03 am  

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