Monday, January 08, 2007

Thank you to Debi for her post which drew my attention to this rather interesting meme as a way of overviewing the past year. The idea is to take the first line of each month's post in order to reflect the year (if you click on the month the link will take you through to the original post). So here goes:

After living across several continents and making amazing friends along the way, I have also managed to shed them too (and very sadly) through insane schedules and an inability to juggle my schedule sufficiently well to find the space to write emails and letters.
LOST IN TRANSLATION is born! I explain why I am starting a blog.

Up to London again on Monday night (I feel somewhat yo-yo like!), this time for our fiction reading group.
Yes, I have stopped the daily commute to London, yet seem unable to tear myself away entirely.

Strange how some things intersect.
A frequent theme on this blog.




Apologies for the silence - it has been a momentous few months.
I miscarry and survive (more or less) to tell the tale.

Either we have hope within us or we don't.
Poetry keeps me sane.

It has bucketed down with rain for the past couple of days so I've been forced to stay inside and do some tidying (no bad thing).
And then there was housework...

P.W. Botha, the former South African president, died on Tuesday night.
Small mercies.

I can't really say "happy" World AIDS Day, but I would like to draw your attention to the fact that today is indeed World AIDS Day.
I climb on my soapbox.

Not an inaccurate summary of the year really, when all things considered!

If you'll forgive me, I am going to just climb onto my little soapbox again (as briefly as possible). Last week I was channel-hopping whilst drinking a cuppa, and came across something called CITY HOSPITAL. What caught my eye was a discussion about blood donors and how, at this time of year, blood donation is always at its lowest because so many people come down with colds and flu. They also mentioned that in the UK only 5 out of every 100 people are blood donors. I was shocked. When I miscarried in July I really did nearly die, losing half of the blood in my body before they were able to stem the flow and I very gratefully received 3 units of blood. Ironically, because I have received a donation I am now not allowed to donate. Ironic because having been on the receiving end I am absolutely keen to give back what I received, and can't. If you are healthy and able, please please please donate blood wherever you are. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for other kind souls doing exactly that and that is a chilling thought for me. I am deeply grateful to all of you who do give blood. If you'd like to know more about giving blood click here.

Hopping off the soapbox now...


Anonymous Maxine said...

I can't donate either, Equiano, but I always did, every year, even getting one of those little bronze badges, until things happened to me that meant I couldn't continue.

I echo your support for the blood donation programme. It is really vital and is so easy to do if you qualify. I hope everyone who reads your post will do it. Just think of the free tea and biscuits.

Your post is very poignant. I think of you. My best wishes.

10:47 pm  
Blogger Minx said...

Don't hop off the box - I can't donate either (liver thingy) but have also been on the receiving end of someone else's kindness. The very least we can do is encourage others, with nice blood, to give it up!

12:18 am  
Blogger equiano said...

Thanks Minx & Maxine. The giri tells me that in Australia everyone is automatically an organ donor unless they deliberately opt out of the programme. I think that's quite an ingenious idea on the government's part there.

6:39 pm  

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