Monday, April 05, 2010

This coming Wednesday we will have more news on the 2010 Commonwealth Writers' Prize, but in the meantime, Marie Heese and Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani are this year's queens of the shortlists - below are the full Africa regional shortlists if you've missed them over the past month (other regions available here)

The shortlisted writers for Africa's Best Book are:
Trespass by Dawn Garisch (South Africa)
Eyo by Abidemi Sanusi (Nigeria)
Refuge by Andrew Brown (South Africa)
Kings of the Water by Mark Behr (South Africa)
The shortlisted writers for Africa's Best First Book are:
Come Sunday by Isla Morley (South Africa)
Jelly Dog Days by Erica Emdon (South Africa)
Harmattan Rain by Ayesha Harunna Attah (Ghana)

Now, anyone who works with books from across the continent will tell you that South Africa and Nigeria dominate the African publishing scene (followed by Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania), but I was struck by the excessive proliferation of South African and Nigerian titles on the list this year (2009 was not much better, to be honest)! Luckily, I was visiting South Africa last month as the shortlists were announced and in the hopes of reading a few before the final announcement, I picked up one or two of the shortlisted titles - more on those later.



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