Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I've been tagged by Reluctant Memsahib over in Tanzania to reveal 8 random things about myself. Given that many things about myself are frequently mentioned on this blog, this is harder than it sounds. Hmmm.

My real name means a "bitter", "peaceful", "victory of the people". Considering how things have turned out in South Africa I consider this remarkably prescient of my parents. I have also been additionally named, over the years, as "freedom" and "the one who smiles." I especially like the latter.

I go scaly if I eat anything with citrus fruits in it. Bizarre, I know, but there you have it. Somewhere I read that this is in fact one of the ten most common allergies/sensitivities. I once worked with someone whose tongue would swell up if he ate citrus fruits. Now that is seriously dangerous. I just get a bit lizard-like (lovely image), starting with my hands, and if I nip it in the bud quickly enough it doesn't spread. Try looking at your labels for lemon and see how you'd like it (it is most commonly used as a preservative) - mayonnaise, jam, ice-cream, mousse, trifle (there's a theme emerging...) There's also the annoying aspect of lotions and potions being full of it too.

I have a thing for trees. Just love them. We bought the house we currently live in because of the very old, gnarled, moss-covered apple trees in the garden. I have been known to hug a tree or two...

I have a passion for woodblock prints. No idea where this came from. Design and perspective? Texture?

I burst into song at the drop of a hat. Doesn't mean I'm good at it.

I lived in a monastery in France for six months. An exceptional place. The brothers focus on reconciliation and their music is justifiably world famous. They argue that they cannot tell you what to do and have no answers, but that they can walk with you as you find those answers. I like this - approaching life with family, friends and strangers as a companiable journey together. The monastery is Taize Communaute.

Although I still occasionally lecture, my degrees have absolutely nothing to do with my current involvement in all things literary. Odd that. Occasionally I wonder idly and without conviction, "what if?" but I have no regrets.

I'll read (and enjoy) any genre except horror. This applies to watching films and tv also.

Now the only problem with this meme is tagging someone who hasn't already done it! So how about James at New Tammany College and Francofinn at Fancy a brew? If you'd like to do it, please consider yourself tagged.



Anonymous Ann said...

I am so glad to find another tree-hugger. Do you do it in public, or is this just a private preoccupation?

8:28 am  
Blogger James said...

yikes! tagged!

will have to think about this...

9:37 am  
Blogger James said...

OK - I've done it

3:19 pm  
Blogger equiano said...

Ann - any time, any place, I am not ashamed! By the way, it is hereditary!

Thank you kindly, James - knew I could count on you!

8:33 am  

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