Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Just back from beautiful Brussels. I need a moment to collect thoughts before I start blogging about it, but will post something soon (with as little as possible about the dreaded c word!).

I've been catching up with what I've missed on all your blogs. Inspired by Danielle over at A Work in Progress, Dorothy at Of Books and Bicycles, and Ex Libris here's the latest meme, "guess what I'm reading" :

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.
5. Don't you dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! I know you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest.

It was plain that her indignation was very genuine, and that her mind was as perfectly focused upon the facts as any one could wish-more so, by a long way, than Aunt Celia's mind, which seemed to be timidly circling, with a morbid pleasure, in these unpleasant shades. She and her mother would take the situation in hand, visit Cyril, and see the whole thing through.

"We must realize Cyril's point of view first," she said, speaking directly to her mother, as if to a contemporary, but before the words were out of her mouth, there was more confusion outside, and Cousin Caroline, Mrs. Hilbery's maiden cousin entered the room. Although she was by birth an Alardyce, and Aunt Celia a Hilbery, the complexities of the family relationship were such that each was at once first and second cousin to each other, and thus aunt and cousin to the culprit Cyril, so that his misbehaviour was almost as much Cousin Caroline's affair as Aunt Celia's.
I hadn't realized - until I had to type them in - how long this author's sentences are! So, any guesses as to what I'm reading (and enjoying, to my great surprise!)? My list of "Currently Reading" is to the right of the page, if you need any hints...



Anonymous Maxine said...

I couldn't guess without looking (E. Nesbit? L. P. Hartley?) and even now I am stuck -- is it the Penelope Fitzgerald?

Are you really reading that many books simultaneously? I used to do that when I was younger but although my concentration remains good, my memory is dreadful now. I couldn't keep them all straight in my mind.

Not sure what the "c" word is -- not the "h" word (Halloween) or the "t" word (train), then?

9:47 am  
Blogger equiano said...

That would be the "c" word - chocolate (as relating to Minx's previous comment, and some other friendly jibes about too much chocolate on this blog!

Sadly, I really am reading that many books at the moment. Partly because some are for the book I'm writing so I consider them work rather than pleasure reading. Anything garden related is always savoured very slowly - I may only read a page a week. But it is too many, and I am trying to cut down and refocus - finish this lot up before I start anything new!

10:04 am  
Anonymous Ann said...

What always amazes me is how much of a book stays with you without your realising it. It's years since I read 'Night and Day' and yet the moment you quote a bit back it all comes flooding.

2:53 pm  
Blogger equiano said...

Maxine - Nesbit was a good guess given that Cyril is not exactly a common name these days - I absolutely love FIVE CHILDREN AND IT (the book; haven't seen the movie).

Ann - spot on! I'm reading along with Susan Hill's Woolf for Dummies, otherwise I don't think I would have picked this up on my own as I've never managed to get my head around Woolf before. We started with her first book THE VOYAGE OUT, which I loathed, and have moved on now to NIGHT AND DAY, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Just goes to show!

Mother dear - thank you for your email. My guess for yours is THE ISLAND MAN, or whatever it is called - the one about Blasket Island life last century. Perhaps we should check tide tables and pay them a visit next year!

8:05 am  

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