Monday, October 23, 2006

The excitement! Well, mine anyway...this weekend our guestroom bookshelf was built in and I have been playing musical books in preparation for relocating titles up there. I've decided on rehoming adult and children's fiction and art books to this new location (as many as I can fit at any rate), as I imagine that's what might be most appealing to guests.

I'm having to restrain myself from actually putting books on the shelves yet as I still need to paint them (darn! so near, and yet so far). The carpenter also happens to be a friend and put his foot down at the painting - to be fair to him, he was giving up his Saturday to do the work, but of course I am champing at the bit. We have been here nearly three years with no proper bookshelves and even I am becoming somewhat tired of my delightful booky towers. Apart from anything else it's finding things and then extracting a book from a pile if near the bottom without causing a major collapse. Definitely not good for the books.

I am ordering paint from ECOS today, and will take the opportunity to pick out a protective stain for our new garden fence, and it is about time we redo the front door. It is currently a tired green and the giri is favouring a pillar-box red, which might be quite cheerful. ECOS does organic and environmentally friendly solvent-free paints. We used them on the rest of the house and a year later they are holding up very well indeed. Our painter was extremely dubious, not abiding these new-fangled paint creations (or something like that, he said), but was actually pleasantly surprised at the results. He popped by the other day and said it had held up just as well as the "ordinary" variety. Most interesting to us at the time was the lack of smell - you know the eau de paint that usually permeates a house for a couple of days? Noticeably absent.

Back to playing musical books between the study and guestroom (a definite up side to this is that I get a little exercise going up and down the stairs, with some weight-training thrown in hefting boxes)! What would your favourite sort of books to wake up to in a guestroom be?



Anonymous Ann said...

Well, I'm definitely with you on the cildren's books, but then I would be wouldn't I? I also like to find books with short extracts in, journals or diaries. There is nothing worse than getting part way through a story and then having to leave it. Apart from anything else, it has the effect of making you go out and add to that pile of new books that you weren't going to buy but just have.

8:17 am  
Blogger equiano said...

LOL Ann! And your comment made me realize too that unfinished books probably translates into "can I borrow this" books and into the pot of never seen again! Perhaps it's time to invest in the Slightly Foxed postcards of A CURSE AGAINST BOOK STEALERS!

7:04 am  

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